Pervasive Art

 Pervasive Art (Arte Diffusa) is an artistic project.

It is a reflection on the dualism of materiality vs virtuality, that is characteristic of the world in our time and also as a metaphor for the transformation of the idea into an object, the idea that is covered with atoms and enters our world and our space-time dimension.

I will put a red dot on the world map where downloads occur, to  ideally connect the places where these vector drawings will materialize.

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Easily print and frame by yourself, and give your home an original piece of art!
Easily print and put in an elegant black cardboard for a gorgeus and new Christmas gift!



The works of the ORGANICA series refer to the idea that the Earth is a living being.

The planet that hosts us and let us travel trough the darkness of the Universe at the considerable speed of 30km per second (at this speed in 4 hours we would arrive on the Moon!), has an outer layer made of rock that contains the very powerful energy of underlying layers  and  inner core. The rocky layer is the envelope of an immense receptacle of energy emanations: rocks have their own life and awareness but they live in such a  different time from our that we find it hard to conceive them as living beings.

I like the choice to sell these works at a symbolic price by downloading the file, because it is simple and accessible all over the world so that it overcomes all geographical and cultural distances.  

The quality of the file allows printing in the format 29.7X21.0 cm – 16.54X11.69 inches.



The Circle is an ancient symbol and expresses an idea of a cyclical trend, both in terms of time and space. In nature, cyclicity is a recurring aspect, applicable to multiple aspects such as the seasons, the motions of the planets, our own lives both on a physical and an evolutionary level.

The works of the CERCHI DANZANTI series therefore want to allude to the cyclicity and vibratory movement that supports our reality.

The series consists of four printable .pdf files in A4 format 29.7X21.0 cm – 11.69X8.27 inches.